Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Common Causes of St. Petersburg Playground Injuries

Playgrounds are where kids can be kids. Whether during recess or at the park on weekends, playgrounds are meant to be a place of enjoyment. However, this is not always the case, and children are often can injured while playing at playgrounds. In fact, the CDC reports1 that each year an average of 200,000 children 14 years or younger are injured in playground-related injuries.

Playground injuries can occur for a variety of different reasons. The severity of the injury suffered can range from minor bruising to fractures to even death. Some of the common causes of playground injuries include:

Lack of supervision Playgrounds are often found at daycares and schools. Children and students often play outside during recess. Knowing this, parents entrust teachers and caretakers with their child's safety. Teachers and caretakers do not always pay attention, and children can be (avoidably) injured as a result. Failing to pay attention may amount to negligent, and an injured party may be entitled to recover for his or her injuries.

Defective Equipment and/or Poor Maintenance Being outside, playgrounds are exposed to the elements. Rain (and even ice) can make playgrounds slippery and dangerous. Time and temperature changes can also affect equipment, leading to rust and fatigue. Rust and fatigue can compromise the playground's structural integrity, and children can be injured in an accident or fall that occurs as a result. Protruding nails can catch or cut children at play.

Trip and Fall Playgrounds are full of obstacles that can cause a child to trip and fall and injure him or herself. This can include rubber flooring, rocks, potholes, trashcans, and much more. Playgrounds should be regularly assessed for these avoidable hazards.

Injuries Inflicted by Other Children – Sometimes, children will intentionally injure others. Fights are not uncommon on playgrounds, especially at a young age. This is especially true in instances of bullying. Therefore, parents should be aware and vigilant, as should caretakers. Failing to adequately supervise children can not only result in physical violence but also children being pushed off or into playground equipment.

Animal Attacks Children and playground goers may be injured because of an animal attack. Family dogs are often present at public parks, and under Florida’s dog bite statute,2 victims can often recover compensation. St. Petersburg-area playgrounds may also be located near areas where other potentially dangerous animals may live.

Potential Damages

An injured party may be able to recover damages whenever playground injuries are caused by the negligence of another. Some examples of potential damages include:

  • Medical Expenses
  • Wrongful Death
  • Punitive Damages
  • Physical and emotional pain and suffering
  • Future Damages

The extent of damages will depend on the cause and severity of the injury as well as the ability to provide proof of expenses. Retaining an experienced attorney is highly advisable.

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