Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Causes And Effects Of Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries1 can be serious and cause lasting complications. Some good news may be that victims of spinal cord injuries may have a legal right to recover damages whenever their injuries are the result of another's negligence.

A spinal cord injury occurs when communication between the brain and body is blocked because of damage to the spinal cord. A victim's nervous system may be impaired as a result of the injury. Impairments to sensory capabilities, motor skills, and one's reflexes are common. The effects of a spinal cord injury can be quite serious. Some examples include:

Loss of movement. Serious damage to the spinal cord can result in permanent or temporary paralysis. Individuals may lose their ability to move limbs and extremities. While the loss of movement may be limited to certain areas of the victim's body, it may also be a full-body paralysis.

Loss of sensation. Although paralysis is the effect most commonly associated with spinal cord injuries, loss of sensation is quite common. Victims can lose the sensation of touch or even the ability to feel heat and cold in extremities. In other cases, a victim may also develop painful, intense, and even phantom sensations as a result of the injury.

Loss of bowel and/or bladder control. Blocked nerve communication caused by a spinal injury can affect a victim's bladder/bowel control.

Spinal cord injuries can occur for several reasons. The traumatic injuries causing spinal cord injuries can be everyday events as well as accidents. Examples include:

Motor vehicle accidents. According to reports, motor vehicle accidents account for approximately 40 percent of all spinal cord injuries.2 These injuries can be serious given the sheer size of vehicles and the rate of speed at which they move.

Sports. Sports-related injuries can be severe. They are also many times avoidable. Contact sports such as football and rugby can cause spinal cord injuries even in the regular course of play and the risk increases with reckless play.

Falls. Falls, even minor ones, can cause injury to the spinal cord. The height from which the victim falls as well the surface he or she impacts directly affects the severity of the injury.

Violence. Spinal cord injuries may be the result of violence. Records exist of victims suffering spinal cord injuries due to being victims of physical violence, including gunshots.

The time to recover from a spinal cord injury will vary by person and the severity of the injury. As a result, medical bills and other expenses/losses can be significant. Therefore, it is important that victims of spinal cord injuries seek to recover damages whenever possible.

Some potentially recoverable damages include:

      Medical Expenses - The costs of all medical treatment you have already received and the estimated costs of the treatment, medical equipment, and care services you may need in the future.
      Loss of Wages - This includes the income you have already lost from time away from work, as well as the estimated wages you may lose in the future, as well as lost earning power if you cannot return to your job.
      Loss of Consortium / Enjoyment of Life - If the effects of your spinal injury are lasting or permanent and they have completely changed the quality of your life, you can receive damages for this loss.
      Pain and Suffering - Spinal cord injuries can cause serious physical suffering, as well as emotional distress due to limitations.

The process of recovering damages for a spinal cord injury is complex and often lengthy. Spinal cord injury victims should retain legal counsel to maximize their chances of recovery.


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