Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Risks of Children in Fall Sports Leagues

During the Fall season, many young children participate in fall sports such as soccer, football, wrestling, and field hockey, to name a few. Many, if not most, of these sports are high-energy contact sports. Although we often like to think of children as malleable and able to bounce back from any injury, oftentimes young children can suffer horrible injuries that have a lasting impact on their lives.

Common Sports Injuries

A few types of injuries are fairly common in fall sports:

Torn ligaments
Broken or fractured bones
Muscle strains or injuries
Heat-related injuries
Concussion (especially in football)

Overuse Injuries

Overuse injuries are very common with children and young adults and require special consideration. Although participation in sports is great for children and promotes exercise, too much sports activity can lead to injury. Overuse injuries gradually occur over time and are not very easy to diagnose. An example of an overuse injury could be an elbow injury on a baseball pitcher who pitched every game in a season. A swimmer who trains every day may suffer a shoulder injury.

Overuse injuries are especially troubling with children and young adults because they are still growing. Overusing a muscle or other part of the body can potentially stunt growth and may lead to other long-term health problems that prevent these children from growing up to live normal lives.

Treatment and Prevention

It is important to pay attention to your children if they are participating in sports. Ask them what types of things they do when they play the sport. Make sure they incorporate proper stretching practices. Keep them hydrated. Help them ice down their joints after a long game. Most importantly, if you child has expressed that they are suffering from some kind of pain or other discomfort, then it is important to consult with a doctor immediately. If you are unsure if your child is physically fit to participate in a given sport, consider having them evaluated by a doctor before allowing them to try out for a sports team. If the sport requires the child to wear protective equipment, inspect the equipment yourself to ensure that it is free of any defects.

Sports Injuries and Florida Law

Despite taking the necessary precautions, injuries are still likely to happen in sports. Although children generally assume the risk of injury, there may be potential redress from those who were responsible for supervising the child’s activities. Coaches, schools, and sports organizations may be found negligent and forced to pay damages if they failed to prevent harm when it was reasonably foreseeable. For instance, a coach who sends a child into a game, knowing that the child could have a potential concussion, could be liable for any harm that child suffers from continuing to play in the game.

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