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Catastrophic Injuries Sustained by Auto Accident Victims

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA),1 more than 2.3 million individuals in the United States suffer injuries in motor vehicle accidents on an annual basis. While many of these injuries may be relatively minor, some auto accident victims sustain catastrophic injuries. A catastrophic injury is considered to be an injury to the brain or spine or any injury that causes serious disability.

Catastrophic injuries can result in long-lasting or even life-long complications and challenges for victims. If a negligent party causes a catastrophic injury, they should be held fully liable for all of the losses suffered by injured victims. Such losses can include lost income and opportunities, medical costs, emotional injuries, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and more. To find out how you can recover after your auto accident, call the experienced St. Petersburg attorneys at the Doman Law Group today.

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) – Traumatic brain injury can occur whenever there is direct trauma to the head or a jolt of the head causes the brain to hit the inside of the skull, causing tissue damage. Even the most minor TBIs require medical attention and often require a victim to rest for a period of time while the brain heals. More severe TBIs can have substantial signs and symptoms including the following:

·       Dizziness and disorientation
·       Chronic and severe headaches
·       Memory loss and confusion
·       Trouble with balance and coordination
·       Sleep disturbances
·       Difficulty with focus and concentration
·       Challenges with oral and written communication
·       Emotional issues
·       Other cognitive difficulties

These symptoms can keep an accident victim from returning to school or work and can limit their future opportunities if the damage is permanent. TBI victims also regularly incur overwhelming medical expenses due to the need for ongoing treatment and rehabilitative therapy.

Spinal cord injuries – Many car accident victims suffer damage to the nerve tissue in their spinal cords, suffer a fractured spinal cord, or have their spinal cords completely severed. Spinal cord injuries2 can cause temporary or permanent paralysis below the site of the injury, which can either completely or partially limit movement and sensation. If a victim is paralyzed below the neck, they may be unable to breathe on their own or control other bodily functions. Even minor spinal cord injuries require emergency trauma care and stabilization and often a significant amount of rehabilitation before victims can return to their normal lives. Victims of serious spinal injuries will likely never be able to return to life as they previously knew it.

Burns – Auto accidents can often result in a car fire or even an explosion, which can cause a victim to suffer serious burns. Burns are one of the most painful injuries a person can sustain and they can require extensive medical treatment including skin grafts, surgeries, and long-term hospitalization. Additionally, burns can leave victims permanently disfigured, which can lead to severe emotional and psychological issues, as well.

Shattered or crushed bones – While a standard broken bone is not considered to be that serious of an injury, when a bone completely shatters or gets crushed, it may be impossible to repair. In such cases, many victims may require amputation, which will result in permanent disability. Victims will have to invest in a costly prosthesis, extensive physical and rehabilitative therapy, and long-term medical care. Many victims who suffer shattered or crushed bones cannot return to their previous jobs and may lose significant earning potential, even if they are able to use a prosthesis.

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