Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Preventable Birth Injuries

Bringing home a bouncing new baby is one of the greatest joys that any parent can ever experience. When you are expecting your bundle of joy, you naturally put a lot of trust and faith in your doctor, who is responsible for helping you to bring your little one safely into this world. The vast majority of births go smoothly and mother and child both arrive home safely. But unfortunately, this is not always the case and injuries during the birth process do happen.

Common Causes

When birth injuries occur, they can cause extremely injurious circumstances for new and growing families. Birth injuries are different than birth defects - a birth defect is a health issue that is a result a child’s DNA or an illness, while a birth injury is the result of an outside factor that often could have been prevented. Many of the most preventable birth injuries are a result of medical error on the part of the doctor or another medical professional who is responsible for caring for or monitoring the mother and child. Some of the more common examples of medical errors that can lead to birth injuries include the following:

  • Use of improper and damaging twisting and/or pulling during delivery;
  • Improper and damaging use of birth-assistance apparatuses, such as forceps and vacuum extraction tools;
  • Improper and damaging administration of prenatal medications;
  • Failure to administer necessary infant monitoring (for such things as fetal heartbeat and mother and/or child distress) during delivery;
  • Failure to perform cesarean surgery (C-section) when necessary;
  • Failure to provide adequate prenatal counseling; and 
  • Failure to perform adequate prenatal testing.

Medical mistakes such as these can have serious and long-term consequences that are not only detrimental to your child’s health and your finances but that can also be emotionally devastating.

Types of Birth Injuries

Negligence on the part of a medical professional can lead to a variety of highly preventable birth injuries that can affect a child for weeks, months, or even for the rest of their life. Some of these conditions include:

Erb’s Palsy1 and accompanying arm difficulties;
Cerebral Palsy;
Brain injury due to trauma2 or oxygen deprivation;
Intellectual disabilities; and even

Wrongful death.

Giving birth should be a joyful occasion and a birth injury can send any young family into financial and emotional distress. If you or someone you care about has a child whom you believe suffered a birth injury, it is imperative that you engage the counsel of an experienced personal injury attorney who is skilled in birth injury cases.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Information about Slip and Fall Accidents

When you think of a serious fall, you may think of a fall off a ladder, off a roof, or another high place. However, many people sustain serious injuries when they slip or trip and fall down on level ground. Almost everyone has slipped or tripped and ended up on the ground at some point in their lives and you generally are able to get up, dust yourself off, and walk away with little more than a bruised ego. However, many falls can result in unexpectedly serious injuries that can have long-lasting effects and can be costly.

If you have slipped or tripped and fallen on someone else’s property, you may have the right to recover financially for your medical bills and other injury-related losses.

Conditions that can Cause Slip and Falls

You can hold a business owner or property owner liable for your fall-related injuries if you can prove that their negligence resulted in your fall. Premises liability principles require that property owners adequately inspect and maintain their premises to keep it safe for visitors or patrons. If a property owner fails to take proper care of their premises and injury occurs, they can be held responsible.

Examples of conditions that may result in liability for slips, trips, and falls include the following:

  • Debris left on the floor in walkways
  • Objects protruding into walkways
  • Electrical cords that are not secured to the wall
  • Rugs that can slip and shift
  • Overly worn flooring or carpet that can become slippery
  • Liquid spills that are not cleaned up in a timely manner
  • Door jambs or other bumps on the floor
  • Unsafe or slippery ramps
  • Not warning visitors of potentially hazardous floor conditions

If any of the above caused your slip and fall, you should immediately consult with a skilled premises liability lawyer to learn about your options.

Injuries can be Surprisingly Serious

While you may not imagine that a slip and fall in a store can leave you facing lasting injuries, many slip and fall victims suffer injuries that have a significant impact on their lives. Some of the serious injuries of a slip, trip, and fall can include:

  • Bone breaks and fractures
  • Concussions and other traumatic brain injuries1
  • Sprains and strains
  • Torn ligaments and tendons
  • Neck injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Broken hips

Injuries such as broken hips can be particularly severe for older adults.2 They may require surgery, which can be a life-threatening prospect depending on the stability of their health. In addition, many elderly adults who break their hips in a fall require assisted living and can no longer live independently. This is a concern, as older adults are often at a greater risk of slipping and falling.

No matter what age you are or what type of injury you sustained, a negligent property owner should be held liable for the costs of your injuries, including medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, among others.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

What Does PIP Cover? What Doesn’t it Cover?

There is a lot of confusion out there regarding Personal Injury Protection1 (PIP) insurance coverage. While most drivers are aware of the fact that they are required to have it, many do not know exactly what it covers and how much compensation they can receive after an accident. For example, will your PIP coverage cover repairs to your car? What about a rental car while your car is in the shop? In the information below, we try and clear up some of the most common misconceptions about PIP coverage and provide some basic information about the way Florida’s no-fault insurance works. For answers to specific questions regarding your policy or your rights after an accident, call our office today.
What is PIP?
PIP is a type of insurance coverage that will provide accident victims with compensation regardless of fault. This means that it does not matter whether you or another person caused an accident – either way, you will be able to make a claim on your insurance policy. As a result, it is often referred to as “no-fault” coverage.
Why Does Florida Require PIP Coverage?
In its infinite wisdom, the Florida legislature has determined that requiring people to carry no-fault insurance coverage will simplify the process of compensating accident victims for their injuries and keep smaller claims out of court.
What Does PIP Cover?
Under Florida law,2 PIP covers 80 percent of your medical expenses and 60 percent of your lost income, up to $10,000 minus your deductible. It will also cover ancillary expenses “reasonably incurred in obtaining from others ordinary and necessary services in lieu of those that, but for the injury, the injured person would have performed without income for the benefit of his or her household. “ It does not cover losses like pain and suffering, vehicle repairs, the cost of a rental car, and loss of quality of life. Generally speaking, however, after an accident resulting in serious injury, these kinds of losses can be recovered by filing a claim against the other driver’s insurance policy.
Who is Covered by PIP?
PIP insurance covers a surprisingly broad group of people. Of course, your PIP insurance will cover you when you are driving your car or when you are a passenger in another vehicle. It will also cover you if you are struck by a vehicle while you are outside of a vehicle. PIP often will also cover the following people:
  • Relatives who live with you if they are driving your vehicle, are passengers in a vehicle, or are pedestrians who are struck by a vehicle
  • Others who are hurt while driving or riding in your vehicle or who are injured as pedestrians when involved in an accident with your vehicle

In addition, your PIP coverage will cover you and your injured relatives while you are outside the state and in your vehicle so long as your accident occurs within the U.S., its possessions or territories, or in Canada.

Call a St. Petersburg PIP Lawyer Today to Discuss Your Case
While obtaining compensation under a no-fault insurance system may sound simple, insurance companies often make the process extremely difficult. For this reason, if you have been injured in an accident, you should be sure to consult with an attorney as soon as you can. At the Dolman Law Group, we are committed to helping accident victims obtain the compensation to which they are entitled under the terms of their policy. To schedule a free consultation with a St. Petersburg personal injury lawyer, call our office today at 727-222-6922 or send us an email through our online contact form.
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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Are All Accident Hotlines the Same?

Most people do not have the name and number of a skilled personal injury attorney on hand. Unless you have a lawyer in the family or have been involved in an accident in the past, you may be confused about who to call to help you seek compensation for your medical bills and other losses. You may not know whether to seek medical attention right away or to wait. Suddenly, you remember that you saw a billboard or a commercial promising accident victims $10,000 for calling 411-PAIN or 1-800-ASK-GARY. It seems like an easy solution to call one of these hotlines and simply follow their instructions.

The above is an experience of many people throughout Florida and unfortunately, the end result is often disappointing, to say the least. In fact, many car accident victims are left with lasting injuries, little compensation (if any), pain and suffering, and few options.

Be Wary of Hotline Ads

While we cannot speak about every accident hotline and whether they are all the same, the major ones such as 411-PAIN and 1-800-ASK-GARY have a lot in common. First, they are owned and operated by chiropractors. Yes, chiropractors are the ones promising that you will receive legal assistance following an accident. Because they are not lawyers, they are not subject to the same ethical rules and obligations as attorneys are when they practice in the state of Florida.

You may be wondering why a chiropractor would want to run a hotline for legal assistance after car accidents. The answer is simple - these hotlines direct auto accident victims to first visit their network of chiropractic clinics before they even meet with an attorney. The chiropractors then lock them into a treatment plan at the clinic to ensure that the network will get the proceeds of any insurance claims.

When you finally meet with the lawyer assigned to your case, it may be at the chiropractic clinic. You do not get to choose the lawyer based on their experience handling car accident cases. Instead, you will be connected with an attorney who pays for a membership in the network. This means that their practice focus may not even be personal injury law or PIP insurance claims and they may not be the best choice for an attorney. The hotlines hope that you will not know better than to follow their instructions, which can result in an inadequate result for you.

Consult with a Dedicated St. Petersburg Auto Accident Attorney Today

When you are in an accident, it can be difficult to know where to turn. However, you should never think that calling an injury hotline will be an easy fix to your problems. Instead, you should take the time to find an experienced car accident lawyer who has specific experience handling PIP claims and personal injury lawsuits. At Dolman Law Group, we are always straightforward about your options and the legal process. We will never pocket any money without your knowledge and we are completely transparent about our contingency fee arrangements. Please call to discuss your case for free at 727-222-6922.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Common Causes of St. Petersburg Playground Injuries

Playgrounds are where kids can be kids. Whether during recess or at the park on weekends, playgrounds are meant to be a place of enjoyment. However, this is not always the case, and children are often can injured while playing at playgrounds. In fact, the CDC reports1 that each year an average of 200,000 children 14 years or younger are injured in playground-related injuries.

Playground injuries can occur for a variety of different reasons. The severity of the injury suffered can range from minor bruising to fractures to even death. Some of the common causes of playground injuries include:

Lack of supervision Playgrounds are often found at daycares and schools. Children and students often play outside during recess. Knowing this, parents entrust teachers and caretakers with their child's safety. Teachers and caretakers do not always pay attention, and children can be (avoidably) injured as a result. Failing to pay attention may amount to negligent, and an injured party may be entitled to recover for his or her injuries.

Defective Equipment and/or Poor Maintenance Being outside, playgrounds are exposed to the elements. Rain (and even ice) can make playgrounds slippery and dangerous. Time and temperature changes can also affect equipment, leading to rust and fatigue. Rust and fatigue can compromise the playground's structural integrity, and children can be injured in an accident or fall that occurs as a result. Protruding nails can catch or cut children at play.

Trip and Fall Playgrounds are full of obstacles that can cause a child to trip and fall and injure him or herself. This can include rubber flooring, rocks, potholes, trashcans, and much more. Playgrounds should be regularly assessed for these avoidable hazards.

Injuries Inflicted by Other Children – Sometimes, children will intentionally injure others. Fights are not uncommon on playgrounds, especially at a young age. This is especially true in instances of bullying. Therefore, parents should be aware and vigilant, as should caretakers. Failing to adequately supervise children can not only result in physical violence but also children being pushed off or into playground equipment.

Animal Attacks Children and playground goers may be injured because of an animal attack. Family dogs are often present at public parks, and under Florida’s dog bite statute,2 victims can often recover compensation. St. Petersburg-area playgrounds may also be located near areas where other potentially dangerous animals may live.

Potential Damages

An injured party may be able to recover damages whenever playground injuries are caused by the negligence of another. Some examples of potential damages include:

  • Medical Expenses
  • Wrongful Death
  • Punitive Damages
  • Physical and emotional pain and suffering
  • Future Damages

The extent of damages will depend on the cause and severity of the injury as well as the ability to provide proof of expenses. Retaining an experienced attorney is highly advisable.

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